View From the Vista Dome.

Napa Wine Train

A "must do" is the Napa Valley Wine Train. Book this for your first day in the valley, we didn't and I regret it, as you can get a "feel" for the lay of the land from Napa to St. Helena. The road you are going to drive up and down on goes pretty fast and you will not be able to look around when you are driving in your car. We got lucky and met a couple next to us that had been to Napa before and were gracious enough to point out many places to see and go.The scenery during the trip is breathtaking. If you can, try to book the vista car it is worth the additional expense and you'll feel like a 1st class passenger from the days gone by. The four course meal on the Vista Dome is to die for! Starting your trip to Napa with the wine train as your first experience will truly set the tone of visiting the Napa Valley. You will have a chance to visit the rest of the train on your journey and when you get towards the back of the train you may meet Jennifer at the wine bar on the wine train and you can get the wine flight of 4 wines for $10.00. This gives you a chance to taste some wines from places yet to visit. Jennifer is very knowledgeable and will share information on the wines, wineries and area with you. For information please visit the Wine Train web site or call toll free: (800) 427-4124.

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